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What are popular bespoke door sizes?

25 August 2020

Popular bespoke door sizes

Bespoke door sizes are typically used to add character or presence to a property's interiors, or occasionally to fit an unusual aperture. 

Modern and Traditional door ranges

Our bespoke doors are available in custom sizes whether larger and smaller; however the maximum door dimensions are 1200x2400mm.

Our recommended bespoke door sizes are:

610×1981 610×2135 610×2200 610×2400
686×1981 686×2135 686×2200 686×2400
762×1981 762×2135 762×2200 762×2400
838×1981 838×2135 838×2200 838×2400
926×1981 926×2135 926×2200 926×2400


All our doors are available in 35mm, 40mm, 45mm, 55mm thickness.

Our fire rated doors are generally available as follows:

  • FD30 available in all sizes for solid and glazed doors
  • FD60 available in all solid sizes and some glazed options

For standard door sizes read our blog or contact our door experts for more information on 01722 337060 or at

Find out more about our internal bespoke feature doors or view our range of custom made traditional doors and modern door models online 

For more interior design ideas on creating a particular look and feel within your property, download our Inspiration Lookbook.

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