Bespoke FD30 Fire Doors; how to combine safety and style!

14 February 2024
Hotel Bespoke Door

Bespoke Fire Doors

Bespoke fire doors in the UK offer the perfect blend of safety and style, allowing you to enhance your home's aesthetics while meeting stringent fire regulations. But what exactly can you customize, and how do you ensure compliance? Let's delve into the fascinating world of bespoke fire doors!

What are Bespoke Fire Doors?

Unlike standard fire doors, which come in limited sizes and designs, bespoke fire doors are made to measure, catering to your specific needs and preferences. This is particularly important in up-market homes, luxury hotels and prestigious commercial property where aesthetics are important, in addition to fire safety. 

How does a bespoke fire door work?

Bespoke fire doors provide fire resistance in the event of a fire for a specific length of time. Bespoke FD30 fire doors are certified fire resistant to 30 minutes and FD60 fire doors are certified fire resistant to 60 minutes. Fire door sets are constructed with a fire-resistant core and fitted with fire rated ironmongery including intumescent seals which form a seal around the door to prevent fire and smoke from escaping.  At Denleigh, we specialise in bespoke fire doors that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also engineered to withstand fire, ensuring maximum safety and compliance with rigorous standards. Our fire doors and frames are crafted with precision and are available in a range of styles and finishes to suit diverse architectural needs. 


Custom fire door designs: the art of bespoke

Made to order fire doors with an approved fire certificate are available in a wide range of traditional and modern designs to match other doors in a property. Denleigh can ensure all of your internal doors have a consistent appearance to maximise the interior aesthetics of your home.  

custom fire doors to apartments

Remember, the beauty of bespoke fire doors lies in their ability to balance aesthetics with compliance to safety regulations. Here's how you can customise within the legal framework:

Size and shape 

Custom fire doors can be manufactured in a range of standard and bespoke sizes up to a limit determined by the fire certificate. Fire doors from Denleigh’s range are available up to 2.4m x 1.2m (height x width) - With a large size like this you can really make an impression! 

Materials and veneers

Choose from a variety of timber veneers or stains to suit the aesthetic of your property and complement with practically any handle or knob design.

Tailored Design

Unleash your creativity! Made to measure internal fire doors can be flush, paneled, glazed and even incorporate intricate grain patterns, groves or inlays. There are some limitations, however, so its always best to check these with the supplier before settling on a design.

Fire door Ironmongery 

Choose decorative handles, hinges, and locks that complement your door's design and add a touch of personality. From hinges and handles to locks and closers, you can choose the perfect finishing touches to complement your door's overall style. Remember to include hardware, like door closers, which are required for fire door safety. 

Glazed Bespoke Fire Doors: adding a touch of style

Glazed fire doors are available in a number of custom designs. These use fire-resistant glass tested to the specified FD30 or FD60 fire rating. Its is common to see glazed fire doors on corridors of apartments, but you can specify glazed fire doors, with bespoke features anywhere your the property to maximise light and a feeling of space.


Meet regulations with made to measure internal fire doors

The design and installation fire doors in the UK is governed by Building Regulations: Approved Document Part B. It is important to check what fire rating is required for your doors in the different locations on your property.

Choose a reputable manufacturer such as Denleigh who are door experts and ensure your bespoke door is CE marked and supplied a valid test certificate to the required standard.  Consult with the door manufacturer to ensure your chosen customisations comply with regulations; they can guide you through the process and help you create a fire door that's both stylish and safe.

To reduce risk, opt to have your fire door supplied as a doorset with doors and frames and all of the required ironmongery. This will ensure everything is compatible and compliant to regulations. Finally, make sure to appoint experienced fitters.


By embracing the world of bespoke fire doors, you're not just adding a touch of individuality to your property; you're also investing in a crucial safety feature that blends seamlessly with your aesthetic preferences. At we understand that each property is unique, and so should be its safety solutions. Our range of custom-made fire doors and frames offers you the freedom to choose designs that reflect your style while adhering to essential safety standards. Whether you're renovating a classic home or designing a contemporary space, our fire doors provide the perfect balance of safety, quality, and bespoke beauty. So, go forth and explore the myriad of options available in our collection. 

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