Elevating your home with Bespoke Internal Doors

07 February 2024
Hotel Bespoke Door

Bespoke internal Door in Mayfair

Forget boring off-the-shelf doorways! Bespoke internal doors are stepping into the spotlight, offering designers, developers and homeowners the chance to express their unique personality, make a design statement and enhance the functionality of their available space. But what difference do custom made doors make and how can you tailor them to elevate your property?

We take a closer look to unlock the secrets of these custom beauties.

Beyond Size and Shape: A Bespoke Buffet

With bespoke doors, you can have your doors built to the exact size required for your property with no compromise to the design. This leads to improved aesthetics and easier installation because there is no need to trim the edges to fit. Custom doors allow you to have doors in a height, width and thickness, to suit your property. This means you could have very large doors for an impressive entrance; a fantastic way to create an impact and feeling of grandeur.

Typically, off-the-shelf internal doors can be purchased in a range of standard sizes and a small amount can be trimmed from the edges to match the frame. However, if your doorway doesn’t fit the norm or is wider or taller than standard, you’ll find your options are limited. Bespoke oak doors are to built to fit your door size, if its a custom size our made to measure range is finished to perfection in a variety of hard wood veneers. 

The freedom of custom design

Whether you crave the timeless elegance of Georgian panels to suit a period property, the clean lines of contemporary minimalism, or the rustic charm of farmhouse chic, fully bespoke interior doors can translate your design desires into reality. Your choice of design is almost unlimited, allowing you to create something more unique and exclusive. This is why bespoke doors are very popular in luxury homes.

From Oak to Bespoke: Veneers & Stains

One way to customise your door is through the choice of veneer or stain. Modern doors these days have an engineered construction and the veneer is in effect the skin of the door. Oak Doors and Walnut are typical, but with bespoke doors you have a much wider choice of veneer or stain than you would with a standard door. For example, Denleigh gives you a choice of 40 veneer and stain options on its custom doors. The grain direction on the veneer can be vertical, horizontal, or in a contrasting direction to add interest and effect to the surface.  

  internal Door with Wenge Veneer  

Custom Door Finishes, Materials and Textures

If you’re looking to add some colour to your life, get away from plain old white primed doors. Paint finishes are great for creating a contemporary look and can be a cost-effective alternative to veneers. Options range from subtle greys and creams, right through to statement blues and greens. Bold colors, intricate patterns, and unique textures like liquid metallic panels or lattice work transform doors into artistic masterpieces, rather than functional pieces.

Made to measure doors are often applied with a lacquer or sheen, which depending on the level provides a high gloss finish. Modern settings with a simple colour palette can be finished with doors with a high sheen to add contrast and a feeling of luxury, for example, black against a white kitchen. 

Details make the difference

We can supply custom doors designs with panel and veneer tailored to suit your taste. From classic raised and fielded panels to contemporary flat panels. Alongside this specification you can chose a wide range of decorative applied beading options which give your doors a completely different appearance – very traditional doors, modern or in between the two. Alternatively custom grooves in the veneer can offer a subtle hint to the past in an otherwise modern design.

Bespoke Decorative Beading with RF Panel

Custom inlays for a touch of door luxury

Inlays are an excellent way of adding colour and luxury to bespoke internal doors in the UK. Choosing an inlay in a metal or timber finish that complements fixtures elsewhere in the home will accentuate the hues of your bespeak interior design and ensure consistency. Supplementing this with door handles in a similar finish will take the design to the next level.

Bespoke Door Low Res

Add the light with custom glazed interior doors

Made to measure internal doors can be adorned with stunning glass panels, letting natural light flow, creating a sense of openness and adding a touch of decorative flair. Glass can be clear, frosted for privacy or coloured for dramatic effect. Lattice doors, incorporate intricate lattice work into the design arranged in a series of geometric shapes which can be tailored to your personal choice and finished in a range of colours.

Steel Framed Bespoke Door

Function First: love the way it works

We can manufacture bespoke doors with specific functionalities in mind. Sliding doors and pocket doors provide great space saving possibilities. Bespoke screens or double doorsets can help divide space into multifunctional rooms or create a grand entrance – the possibilities are endless. Custom doors can also be fire doors adding safety to the home.

Summary: Unlock the world of bespoke internal doors

While bespoke luxury doors might come with a higher price tag than their standard counterparts, the benefits are undeniable. Bespoke doors complement your interior and add a touch of luxury and craftsmanship that potentially increases the value of your property. So, step away from the ordinary, with a little creativity and with the help of the skilled craftspeople at Denleigh, you can transform your doorways from mere portals into stunning expressions of your personal style and elevate your property to a whole new level. Discover more about our bespoke doors today.


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