Introducing Our Steel Framed Door Collection

15 August 2022


Steel framed doors are particularly on trend right now and an extremely popular choice on new developments. With the move towards hybrid working many home owners want to maximise internal living space. Glazed doors and partitions are a superb way of introducing flexibility, whilst keeping areas light and bright.

Characterised by clean lines, slender profiles and timeless design, our steel framed doors integrate well with any interior, whether classic inspired or sleek modern. The range of styles and configurations available makes it easy for designers, specifiers and builders to match any interior space , whilst standard sizes helps to make them budget friendly too.

Made to an exceptionally high standard of craftmanship, the doors feature high quality steel throughout, welded hinges, layered safety glass and an impact-resistant powder coated finish.

Steel framed door designs

Our steel framed door range consist of swing doors, sliding doors and modular panels available in traditional or modern designs, depending on the style of the development.

Single and double doors are available with a range of glazing, finishing and handle options, whilst various size options provide the flexibility to easily integrate into any interior space.

Classic Designs Examples

Classic 4 Steel Frame Door  Classic 6 Steel Frame Door  Classic 8 Steel Frame Door  Classic 12 Steel Frame Door

Modern Design (Examples)

Modern 3 Steel Frame Door   Modern 4E Steel Frame Door   Modern Uni Framed Door    

Door collection

Our collection consists of single and double door options,  various glazing and glazing bar designs and an array of sizes to fit your space. The glazing bar designs provide options suit any classic or contemporary property. 

Steel Framed Door Classic 6 Home


Slide collection

Single sliding and double sliding doors allow the maximum use of interior space in an authentic and timeless design, featuring high quality roller guides. Each sliding door also features a soft-close mechanism to avoid slamming.

MET Mod 3 Slide Metal Door


MET Slide Intense Metal DoorSlide Intense collection

Hung from two top-mounted brackets that are neatly concealed by a sleek black aluminum top rail, these doors suit more contemporary interiors, allowing a seamless transition from room to room without compromising the aesthetics and natural light.

Available in single and double door combination, they are perfect for saving space.



Invisible collection

Unlike other doors in the range, these come with wooden frames fitted with 4 integrated adjustable hinges. The hinges allow the door to be fitted flush with the frame. This range is available in the same classic and modern door designs and, with its artisan design, is particular suited to contemporary spaces.

Invisible Steel Framed Door Modern 4E

What are the options?

Laminated safety glass is incorporated, available in options such as Standard Clear, Milk or Cathedral glass.  

Doors handles can be supplied in a range of designs and finishes. 

We can supply FD30 fire rated steel framed doors.

Modular panels allow you to create many variations and combinations too, with side screens and fanlights to suit your space, covering the entire height and width of the available aperture.


Every door is made with passion, craftmanship and attention to detail - whatever the style, and you can expect the highest standards of finish. The precision engineering means you ensures product is durable: the 10year product warranty giving further peace of mind.

Thanks to welded hinges the door and frame form a solid whole and are resistance to violent shocks and strong wind. Each door is coated with an impact resistant powder coat paint for ease of maintenance.

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