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Specification Advice – Traditional ironmongery finishes and care instructions

04 July 2017

The right ironmongery finish is essential for achieving a traditional or heritage appearance within a property.

The metal used can indicate a period of time that is being replicated or indeed to reflect a current trend based on past times.

Specification Advice - traditional ironmongery finish + care.jpg

For long term satisfaction of appearance and functionality it is important to undertake regular care and maintenance of our traditional ironmongery.

Our heritage range of ironmongery is available in the following finishes. All hardware in our heritage range is lovingly made to order in the UK.

 Denleigh PB finish-1.jpg  Denleigh PBUL finish.jpg  Denleigh SB finish.jpg  Denleigh SBUL finish.jpg

Polished Brass - PB

Polished Brass Unlacquered - PBUL

Satin Brass - SB

Satin Brass Unlacquered - SBUL

 Denleigh AB finish.jpg  Denleigh AGD finish.jpg  Denleigh DAB finish.jpg  Denleigh DB finish.jpg

Antique Brass - AB

Aged Brass - AGB

Distressed Antique Brass - DAB

Distressed Brass - DB

 Denleigh PN finish.jpg  Denleigh PRL finish.jpg  Denleigh SN finish-1.jpg  Denleigh AN finish.jpg

Polished Nickel - PN

Pearl Nickel - PRL

Satin Nickel - SN

Antique Nickel - AN

 Denleigh DAN finish.jpg  Denleigh PC finish-1.jpg  Denleigh SC finish-1.jpg  Denleigh TB finish.jpg

Distressed Antique Nickel - DAN

Polished Chrome - PC

Satin Chrome - SC

Tudor Bronze - TB

 Denleigh ORB finish.jpg  Denleigh DORB finish.jpg  Denleigh DBMA finish.jpg  Denleigh IBMA finish.jpg

Oiled Rubbed Bronze - ORB

Distressed Oiled Rubbed Bronze - DORB

Dark Bronze Metal Antique - DBMA

Imitation Bronze Metal Antique - IBMA
 Denleigh RBMA finish.jpg  Denleigh PG finish.jpg  Denleigh PGUL finish.jpg  

Real Bronze Metal Antique - RBMA

Polished Gunmetal - PG

Polished Gunmetal Unlacquered - PGUL



Care of traditional ironmongery finishes

Regular cleaning with a moist chamois leather or a soft dusting cloth will help maintain the appearance. For more stubborn dirt and stains use warm water with a mild detergent if necessary then rinse off and wipe dry with a towel. Do not use an abrasive compound or a metal polish.

Unlacquered traditional ironmongery finishes

Unlacquered finishes, whilst originally polished, will dull and darken over time unless regularly re-polished.

Care of traditional ironmongery fitted externally

Traditional ironmongery is not suited to external environments. All external hardware will need more regular care than internally fitted hardware, particularly when located in coastal areas where the atmosphere contains salt and seawater particles which will prematurely deteriorate the finish. Lacquered products which are fitted externally will inevitably suffer from lacquer breakdown due to exposure to the elements.

Care of operational ironmongery

All ironmongery with moving parts, such as locks and latches, should be checked monthly and lubricated as required.

Finishes from our popular ironmongery range can be viewed here.

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