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Specification advice – scheduling ironmongery for internal doors

01 March 2018

What is an ironmongery schedule?

It’s a list of ironmongery for each specific door which creates a total required for the project. It is like a builder’s shopping list for the doorways. However there is an art to prepare a schedule that identifies the correct ironmongery for maximum functionality whilst being aesthetically pleasing and complying with regulations.

So what are the considerations when preparing an ironmongery schedule?

Type of building

Is it residential single dwelling or multiple occupancy, educational building, public building? This will impact on the requirements and the relevant legislation and regulations.

Type of fittings – DESIGN

Collaboration with the interior designer or architect or client will ensure that the hardware complements and is sympathetic to the style of the property. Indeed the right ironmongery will enhance the dwelling.

Type of fittings – FINISHES

The finishes are twofold, to give a decorative effect for delightful aesthetics and to protect the product from corrosion. 

So how do you draft an ironmongery schedule?

We typically open/close the door, secure the door, and finally protect and dress the door. So a typical schedule is listed thus:



Furniture (handles, turn and releases)

Door closers

Push/kick plates

Signage, door stops etc

Denleigh open close secure protect dress door Denleigh open close secure protect dress door
How do we list each ironmongery product on the schedule?

For each ironmongery product that is specified we list the product code, the description and finish along with the number required against each door. A total for each product is arrived at the end of the schedule and transposed to the quotation.

 Denleigh Ironmonery Schedule example.jpg

 Denleigh ironmonery schedule example
Denleigh free ironmongery schedule template


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