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Specification advice – door handing

25 July 2019

Denleigh Door Handing Specification Advice

There are a number of methods used to describe the handing of doors. The technique we use here at Denleigh is described below.

Internal door handing

The handing of a door is determined by the side the hinges (or pivots) are on the door viewed from the hinge knuckle side. For example if the hinge knuckles are on the left, the door is left handing. This is depicted on the diagram below.rh-lh

On occasions when there is a master and slave door, the handing refers to the master door which opens first as per the methodology for a single door.

External door handing

Exactly the same technique applies for external doors, however additional clarification can be provided be confirming the door is viewed from the ‘outside’ of the building and by identifying whether the door ‘opens in’ to the room or ‘opens out’ of the room.

RH and LH door open in.jpg


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