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One thing that really annoys buyers and site managers

16 March 2017

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It’s so frustrating when skilled tradesmen spend hours searching for the right parts. Or perhaps spend lots of time ordering missing or lost components. Or wait around for missing or back order parts to arrive. Meanwhile construction is slipping behind schedule and productivity drops.

After all, construction involves putting a myriad of components together to form an operational building.

A proven solution is to provide skilled workers with a package of parts, this allows the tradesmen to immediately focus on the building or fitting work in hand. All the relevant parts for a particular job are assembled together into a ‘pack’ beforehand, so when ready to perform the task the ‘package’ is simply collected from the stores and work starts immediately with no delays or inefficiencies.

So for example a ‘bath fitting pack’ for a plumber would contain taps and sanitary fittings, or an ‘ironmongery door set pack’ for a carpenter contains hinges, latches and handles.                                          

‘Pack of parts’ – our bespoke packing solutions  for buyers and site managers 

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