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Launch party for new ironmongery ranges

03 March 2017

Denleigh Launch Party

The launch of our new ironmongery ranges – Dentrata, Dendura, Denpremo and Denkohr - was accompanied by a staff launch party. Our enjoyable party started by reviewing why we had introduced the ranges and then moved onto discussing the values of each range. Then the party really began to rock!

Why were the ranges introduced?

To help our clients by supporting the buyers though streamlining our product ranges, stocking key ranges; demonstrating progressive style which enhances the value of our clients’ properties; empowering the confidence of our clients by secure supply chain, GAI trained staff etc.

The values of our new ironmongery ranges are detailed on these pages Dentrata, Dendura, Denpremo and Denkohr.

Share in our launch party fun!



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