What is a luxury door handle and how to choose one

24 January 2024

Luxury Handle Lever on Rose Denleigh

A luxury door handle isn't just a way to open a door, it's an artistic statement and a sensory experience. It enhances the door and elevates the entire space with its craftsmanship, materials and design. Here we explore how the right choice of luxury door handle, knob and ironmongery can transform your doors in design statements in their own right and enhance your properties interior.

Lever or Knob, what is right for your door?

One of the biggest decisions you have to make is whether you’ll go with door handles or door knobs. There are plain and simple styles available for each, along with more flamboyant and decorative options. Door handles are generally more ergonomic and suit both modern and traditional doors, whereas door knobs are suited to classic interiors and period homes. Luxury design and finishing is available in both.

Here's what can make a door handle feel special and give you that luxury feeling:

Luxury door handle design

The design of the handle should complement the door and the design of the property, creating a cohesive and harmonious look. Modern door handle design is constantly evolving with new shapes and materials but are generally straight and sleek. Traditional door handles meanwhile often have a curved lever and nostalgic finish such as bronze or brass.

Luxury Handles often custom-made and standout through intricate detail such as geometric patterns or elegant curves that showcase expert craftsmanship. Bespoke door handles and knobs can be tailored to reflect your personal style and to match the architectural details of your home. For a price, you can even personalise your door handles with something personal to you such as a hobby. The important thing to consider is how it complements your doors and the interior design.

Luxury Matt Black Handle                     Satin Brass luxury Handle

Matt Black Handle on a round rose                                                                                           Satin Brass handle with stepped design complementing the door panel


As you would expect luxury handles consist of materials and finishes that are a bit less run of the mill and more exclusive.

•    Solid materials –Luxury handles are made from high grade metals that give them a heavier weight than standard handles and an indulgent feeling. 
•    Premium metals finishes: Forget polished chrome and brass. Think Antique Brass, Black Bronze, Brushed Copper or Matt Satin Nickel. There are many luxury metal finishes to make sure your property shines with character, style and luxury. 
•    Brass, whether its satin brass or antique, Brass has always been a popular choice for quality door handles because of its warm feel and closeness to Gold. It also well suited to classic homes. 
•    Natural elements: For earthly elegance carved wood, inlaid mother-of-pearl, or even etched stone have been features of luxury door handles.

Bespoke Luxury Door Knob               Custom door handle              LR7027DenvivoHandle


A luxury handle should feel solid and move effortlessly in your handle. It important to have a high-quality mechanism within the handle to ensure performance. Care should be taken to ensure the handles are well fitted and the levers are level on the latch. 

Overall look and feel

Balance and proportion: The handle should be the right size for the door and complement the overall design aesthetic.

Finishing touches: Polished to a mirror shine, antiqued for a vintage vibe, or coated with a special patina that develops over time – the finish adds the final touch of luxury. For consistency the door hardware should be in the same finish as your handles. You should also consider how the choice of finish ties in with kitchen handles, wardrobe handles, light fittings and other fixtures in the property.

Luxury Hotel Door Handle

Price point

While high-quality materials and intricate designs contribute to the cost, luxury isn't always about extravagant spending. At Denleigh we supply ranges of handles to suit different budgets, from our entry level Dentrata, to premium Denvivo collection. You will find all manner of handle designs and finishes that exude elegance without breaking the bank.

The finishing touch

Ultimately, a luxury door handle is about making a statement. It's a subtle detail that speaks volumes about your taste, sophistication, and appreciation for quality. Internal door handles add the finishing touch to your doors and interior, tying together different elements of the space.


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