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Finding the right doors and door furniture for your project

25 August 2020

The right doors and door furniture for your project

The smallest details can often make the greatest impact in a residential development. And from the sleek and minimalist, to the highly ornate and decorative, the choice of doors and door furniture can enhance any property.

They may have an important function to fulfill, but doorways can also create the ‘wow’ factor. They can complete the overall style of a property, by tying all design features together, while also aiding the ‘flow’ of a building for its occupants.

But sourcing and managing all the doors and fittings that a project may require is no small feat. Most residential developments will require numerous doors and hundreds of fittings, which can take considerable planning to manage - especially in terms of specifications and lead times.

Which is why calling on the services of an experienced team and finding the product range that will be the best fit for your needs and requirements, really is key. 

Finding the right doors & ironmongery

At Denleigh, we specialise in architectural ironmongery and bespoke internal feature doors for the residential market. We have been supporting contractors and developers for almost four decades. Our staff have been trained by the Guild of Architectural Ironmongers (GAI) and are experienced in pulling together comprehensive ironmongery schedules for all hardware that is needed, similarly our carpentry trained staff compile door schedules.

Calling on our years’ of expertise and deep understanding of residential property development, we have created four distinct product ranges that are designed to meet the preferences and budgets of every customer.

An added benefit of using our team is that we can supply both the doors and associated hardware, which means the whole process runs even more smoothly and efficiently as two packages are turned into one.

So, which product range is right for your project?

A solution for any budget

Our four unique product ranges offer countless smart and stylish solutions. They range from the essential, functional items that no project can do without, to superior quality pieces that would be at home in even the most prestigious of developments.

Here, we’ll take a closer look at each individual range and what’s on offer, along with the projects they are most suitable for.

Denkohr – door hardware essentials 


The Denkohr range provides the heart and soul of every project. It offers the core ironmongery that every project needs - all the essential elements which together make a building function effectively, while providing occupants with the appropriate control.

What does the range include? - All the essentials, such as locks, latches, hinges, door closers, door stops, intumescent strips and bicycle racks.

What projects are they suitable for? - These products are suitable for all applications, from residential dwellings, to educational and healthcare establishments 

What do you get for your money? – A lot! All Denkohr products are very reasonably priced, offering great value for the level of quality and functionality they provide

View Denkohr Products Online


Dentrata – entry level range 

Dentrata door handles and ironmongery

Set your properties apart with Dentrata, a stylish and cost-effective entry range of door furniture. These reliable fixtures and fittings offer an easy way to enrich a property, helping you to make a stylish entrance.

What does the range include?   Handles, escutcheons, and turn & releases

What projects are they suitable for? – Residential dwellings, also occasionally used within educational and healthcare settings 

What do you get for your money? – Outstanding value for money. Entry level products that don’t compromise on quality           

View Dentrata Products Online


Dendura – mid range

 Dendura Internal Doors & Ironmongery

Enhance your properties with the enduring designs of the highly durable and functional Dendura range of doors and door furniture. All the products in this range are built around smart design, with strong attention to detail at their core.

What does the range include? – bespoke doors and stylish door furniture, including handles, escutcheons and turn & releases

What projects are they suitable for? – Residential properties, including residential care home settings

What do you get for your money?    Good quality bespoke doors, all reasonably priced and available in a variety of designs and veneers. These can be complemented by great value and highly durable door furniture, with all door furniture available in a variety of styles and designs.

View Dendura Products Online


Denpremo – premium range 

 Denpremo Bespoke Doors & Ironmongery

Be inspired by the distinguished style and timeless elegance of our established Denpremo range of premium doors and door furniture. The products in this range are best suited for the most prestigious of properties, with the quality being evident with every touch.

What does the range include? – Beautiful, bespoke veneered and stained doors and premium door furniture, including handles, escutcheons, and turn & releases

What projects are the products suitable for?  High end residential developments, from houses to apartments and pent houses

What do you get for your money? – Fantastic value for money in terms of quality and style. The Denpremo range is designed for customers who require the highest level of quality. Products are stylish, robust and available in a variety of designs that all emanate quality and elegance. The high quality, bespoke doors can be produced to any size, decorated using a range of finishes or veneers, and produced in any style required.

View Denpremo Products Online


 Why choose Denleigh?

Denleigh is accredited to international quality standard ISO9001 and staff are Guild of Architectural Ironmongers (GAI) trained.

The services we offer include:

  • Quality assured doors and ironmongery 
  • Ironmongery and door scheduling
  • Specifications and quotations tailored to meet your needs
  • Goods delivered directly to site on short lead times, and where possible next day or even same day
  • Advice from knowledgeable friendly staff with carpentry and/or ironmongery experience

For more information, please contact our experienced team on 01722 337060 or email us using 

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