MOD-500 The bespoke door range that might surprise you!

19 August 2020

MOD503 Flush Inlay Bathroom Door

Quality fixtures and fittings throughout the home can make the difference between a run-of-the-mill interior and something more special and high-end, but sometimes the use of cleverly designed products and materials can surprise you in how they create the right impression.

Take the new MOD-500 bespoke door range from Denleigh, a door which gives the first impression of being a traditional raised panel door but is in fact a striking flush door with inset grooves and inlays. Built to a modern construction and suitable for contemporary interiors, the grooves and stunning inlays equally help give the door a traditional and even regal finish.

The design is suitable for any doorway, but for designers wanting to maximise internal space through a pocket sliding door, the flush design of the MOD-500 is the perfect choice. There are no protruding parts that might scrape on the mechanism and the flush surface makes the door easy to clean and sanitise in areas such as bathrooms and kitchens. Incidentally, Denleigh can supply pocket door kits for installation with your chosen doors for a complete solution.

Creative Finishes

MOD-500 doors are supplied in a range of smooth lacquered finishes as shown below or we can match any RAL colour. As well as the classic white, black and dark grey, if you want a really contemporary look there’s the option of metallic lacquers such as steel, platinum and a lovely ‘rust’. View the choices below or use our door samples service if you would like to see any of the finishes before making a decision.

Rust Lacquer - Blog Ivory Lacquer - Blog Jade Lacquer - Blog Ginger Lacquer - Blog
Metallic Steel Lacquer - Blog Metallic Platinum Lacquer - Blog White Lacquer - Blog Terracotta Lacquer - Blog
Dark Grey Lacquer - Blog Jungle Lacquer - Blog Black Lacquer - Blog  


To complement your chosen finish there’s a choice of 5 stunning inlays including gold, silver and bronze which contrast against the door surface giving it a very luxurious and glamorous look.

Inlay-DN-NM-WHT Inlay-DN-BrM-WHT Inlay-DN-OM-WHT Inlay-DN-PM-WHT Inlay-DN-PB-WHT


As a dual supplier of bespoke feature doors and architectural ironmongery, it’s of no surprise that Denleigh also make available some delightful door handles and furniture from our Denpremo range to complement the finish of the inlays and ensure a high-end touch.

Model Designs

Denleigh have developed four popular designs for the MOD-500, part of our Denpremo collection, ranging from a single panel to a four panel design, in addition architects and designers have the option to customise the design to meet their specific needs and desires. 

Our core models are shown below. Click on the model numbers to explore the designs and options in further detail. 

MOD 501_1-Panel_Door_600


MOD 502_2-Panel_Door_600


MOD 503_3-Panel_Door_600


MOD 504_4-Panel_Door_600


Made to Measure Doors

The MOD-500 is a made to measure door available from the factory in as little as 6-8 weeks and can be supplied in a range of standard or bespoke door sizes up to 2400mm in height. Fire door options are available up to FD60, offering fire resistance to 60 minutes.

Built with a solid core for heavy weight performance and durability, you can be confident that the quality of these doors is more than skin deep, so whilst the doors will make a great first impression and maybe even surprise you, the perception of quality will only grow with everyday use.

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